July 23, 2020

Four Fun and Free Outdoor Games for Children of All Ages

Are you looking for fun and low-cost ways to keep your little ones active while stimulating their minds? Try these four large outdoor games!

Tic Tac Toe

Using string or rope, lay out your grid for your large game of tic tac toe. Cut large X’s and O’s out of cardboard. You will need five of each. Paint if you want or leave them plain. Play a game of tic tac toe in the backyard.


Cut lots of large squares out of cardboard. You will need about 50. Add a letter to each piece of cardboard. Flip them all over and mix them up. Each player will pick seven pieces. Try to create a word out of your pieces and then build off that word.


Cut about 25 rectangles out of cardboard. Paint or draw a line down the middle of each one. Add dots onto each side of every rectangle with paint or markers. Flip the cardboard over and mix them up. Split them between all players and play a game of dominos.


Cut an even amount of squares out of cardboard. Let your child/ren draw pictures on one side of the cardboard. Make sure they draw pairs, so each drawing should be drawn on two pieces of cardboard. Flip all the cardboard over and mix them up. Lay all the pieces in rows and then play a game of memory.