Faith, Love, and Hope—in Action

Faith, Love, and Hope—in Action

Faith, Love, and Hope—in Action

At Creation Kingdom Learning Centers (CKLCs), our non-denominational focus on building character and faith alongside bodies and skills is key. In addition to a strong core curriculum, our complete learning experience (Kingdom U) offers a developmentally appropriate, whole-child approach that impacts mind, heart and spirit. We balance education with self-discovery, all based on Christian principles. Special offerings include Gospel Light, Time to Sign (an American Sign Language-certified program), Zoo-phonics®, Etiquette, Spanish, Reading Street, Everyday Math and more.

We believe learning begins first at home, so we strive to develop partnerships with every parent to ensure children are encouraged, empowered, and equipped to excel by:

  • Building bodies through dance, play, and movement to strengthen fine- and gross motor skills;
  • Educating minds with age-appropriate opportunities to discover, explore, and build confidence;
  • Touching hearts via social-emotional skills to develop lasting friendships and memories; and
  • Enriching spirits by teaching goodness and character through timeless truths.

CKLCs also utilize a childcare app to give parents a look into their child’s day in real time. Stay connected, receive updates, and communicate with teachers: Learn more here »


Newborn baby sleeping in bed.


Babies ages six weeks to eight months get a strong start at CKLCs. Providing a nurturing and comfortable environment, our staff meets our infants’ needs on their individual schedules.

  • Low infant-to-staff ratios with trained care providers
  • Babies enjoy peek-a-boo, quiet time, cuddling and movement
  • Teachers and staff are trained in CPR and First Aid
  • CKLCs’ parent app offers real-time reports on your child’s day


Those ages eight- to 13 months are just learning about the world! Our caregivers offer mindful care while encouraging exploration and having fun.

  • Smaller classes allow for individualized attention
  • Activities like Time to Sign and others help to start the development process for physical coordination and deeper play
  • Educators provide opportunities to learn at every turn
  • CKLCs’ parent app offers real-time reports on your child’s day


Curious and energetic, toddlers learn through play, routines and practice. Striving for independence, these children appreciate a guiding hand toward early language, math, science, and other key building blocks.

  • Care providers witness budding skills and interests and help direct energies
  • Various activities focus on early literacy (Zoo-phonics), physical coordination, and creativity
  • Age-appropriate learning and social-emotional development opportunities are promoted
  • CKLCs’ parent app offers real-time reports on your child’s day


Preschool child making heart with painted hands.


Ninety percent of a child’s brain is developed by age five! That’s why preschool—with critically important cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional stimulation—impacts a child’s development long-term. Preschool helps produce:

  • Higher high school graduation rates
  • Reduced instances of crime or teen pregnancy
  • Greater socialization and earning potential throughout their lives

CKLCs’ preschool program helps our two-and-a-half to four-year-olds to question, consider, and learn while having fun. Key skills, like solving problems, playing well together and resolving conflicts, dovetail with increasing independence. We build the foundation for Kindergarten readiness

  • Educators foster an environment to try, learn, fail and succeed
  • Children strengthen their communication and social skills alongside language, literacy, and numeracy
  • Outside play fosters coordination, collaboration, and gross motor skill development
  • Classmates grow in self-esteem and -confidence while learning to manage their emotions and follow rules

Children drawing on paper with colored pencils in a learning center.


For young students ages four to five, CKLCs strengthen school readiness in their Kindergarten classes. We coordinate with school district requirements to ensure your child is ready for their next steps in education. Through individualized attention, differentiated lessons, and further skills development, students get ready to soar!

  • Learning abounds through Investigation & Creation Stations, etiquette, fine arts, dance, music, and cultural connections
  • Teachers encourage children’s strengths and learning opportunities
  • Students are supported as they spread their wings around learning school routines and study habits
  • Focus continues on boosting language, literacy, and numeracy skills alongside fine- and gross motor development

Elementary Summer Camp

Designed specifically for six- to 12-year-olds, CKLCs’ Summer Camp combines fun, faith, and friendship. Between field trips, interactive activities and more, these students will not only maintain school-year skills but will gain more opportunities to explore and imagine while also participating in community service opportunities.

  • Choose your fun—from fine arts to technology—with hands-on learning opportunities
  • Service projects teach kids to help others, give back, and build camaraderie
  • Special events celebrate all the goodness of summer in the CKLC community

Special Options

CKLCs offer additional instruction around both Spanish and American Sign Language so your students can be literally and figuratively well-versed in their communication options! Talk with your specific Center to learn more.